Soul Reading with Adva Aviram

     Did you ever wonder about the mystery beyond your soul ?
Where did you come from and where are you going ?
What is the essence of your soul? your spiritual path? where you belong on earth considering the planet you came from? 

Your spirit is here to navigate you threw life, sometimes it's like you are wandering in the dark with your eyes covered and don’t know which way you should go … are you missing any detail? Is it time to stop and let go or its time to take an action …?
Would you like to discover what is your mission in life? What are your lessons and main challenges and what are your gifts and the doors that are open for you?
I want to help you remember who you are, show you your real beauty & flame and teach you how to connect to all of that in the royal kingdom of your soul. 

our session begin with me  listening to the vibration of your full name (birth and present name), and then I'm calling your spirit by   singing  in "light language " your soul print  and her journey in this life. I receive a comprehensive message about your being, and download information about gifts, lessons, destiny, and incarnation through your  birth date - astrology and numerology.
I’m here to help you connect to the power of faith and trust the way it could be simple and enjoyable. by listening to the voice of your guidance spirits and angels, you could feel protected and let yourself rest and support by the spirit of love. 
What does your soul want? What does she want you to know about yourself? About your life? 
From Essence to Mission - What is the beauty of your soul and how does it manifest in the world?
Hall -What you need to know about your container?  what can empower you and support you in this life? 
Understanding - Some things are hard to accept, situations in your life that you don't understand why they appear? As we learn and understand what lies behind the events in our lives, we can learn and grow from each event rather than getting stuck and closing in with a sense of sacrifice.
 Did you know that you are a superhero too? 

 You have many new possibilities, new and ancient skills that are available to you !!

? What are your divine qualities? How can you use them to your greatest advantage? And what do you need to know about the new potentials in the doorway?

I would love to tell you all about this and more , 

all you have to do is to send an email to and ask for a soul reading !

Adva is a vocal artist, psychic , healer and , originally from Israel now living in Ashland, Oregon. She has shared her workshops and circles of Channeling , healing and musical journeys all around the world. 
She travel between an earthy deep range to the angelic highest frequency.