8/16  Friday 6:30 pm
 Sacred Sound-Vocal Ceremony 
Santa Fe -NM                    


Friday 6:30 pm

Sacred Sound-Vocal Ceremony

Santa Fe -NM           

Sacred Sound 
 A vocal spiritual music journey

 Divine and ancient cross border experience, where words, sounds, and melody merge into heart and space.
***Sound Healing activation***- The freedom to be who you truly are through voice, sound, and movement.

The power of expression and creation when finding and connecting to our true authentic voice in safe loving space.
**How sound can Heal us?**
vocalize and activate higher frequency and DNA codes in yourselves and others.
Discover The secret behind this world reality, how to see beyond the illusion of our mind and open to new dimensions, infinite opportunities, and bigger potentials. while The spirit speaks in a language without words, the vibrations of sound touch and take us to a deep and strong place within ourselves and the cosmos...
**Music of Creation ** - Spiritual uplifting, emotional release, enlightenment visions, and guidance through a Vocal journey facilitated by Advashi's sound and melody from the ancient to the divine, Channeling Music, and a true message from our spirit guides and the heart of creation to the group.
Advashi is an international spiritual vocal artist, healer and a channeler who lives in Ashland Oregon.
"My offering is to help people receive sound healing expansion and transformation, to sing in a choir setting, to get personal tools to heal themselves with sound which helps manifest personal goals, destiny, and self-realization."
all are welcome, no experience required,
looking forward to seeing you !!!

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